I N  T H E  S U M M E R

of 2019, four of us came together with the idea and the ambition to start AVA. Although it was that day that we began to recognise and discuss all the ideas that were growing inside us, it is fair to say that the seeds that were now starting to grow into AVA were planted far earlier. The world is full of questions, it is easy to find them, quite often we aren’t even looking, they just find us. With a mind full of questions, we all felt the urge at different times in our lives to go in search of answers, to put some order on all the beautiful chaos within ourselves and the world around us. It might not have been the first stop, but that search inevitably brought each of us to Nepal. 

While ourselves and those around us were journeying through life finding questions, a young man was on a journey through Nepal finding all the answers. His name is Guru Premangee and with all this wisdom he planted the seeds of Divine love shower, an organisation that would begin to manifest his vision for a more compassionate and healthy world. He began bringing people together in Nepal who found a connection to this vision. He taught them about life, how to live without expectations and how to live completely in acceptance of what is happening in the present. He helped to heal people physically, psychologically and on an even deeper spiritual level. Through the knowledge of Ayurveda and the wisdom that he had connected to himself, he was having a profound impact on the world around him. Opening a healing centre and two schools it was only natural that the community around him began to grow, and his teachings began to spread through Nepal and even beyond.

This process continued for a number of years before we began to see our own small community grow in Germany. Though many people were finding peace on their trips to Nepal, there were so many more for whom the trip was not possible. People were interested in our story and we began to share it with everyone who asked. We began hosting meditations when and where we could and from the people we met throughout that process an opportunity presented itself to us. A friend who had been enjoying the meditations was going away for some time and invited us to use her home as a base to share our practice with more people. It was during this time that our group of four grew to seven and our vision for creating AVA started to take more shape. Over the course of two weeks many people passed through and joined us. Some people wanted to learn and some people wanted to teach. We were happy to allow all that was coming flow and happen in this natural way. At this stage it was impossible to say whether we were creating AVA or if AVA was starting to guide us. In reality a beautiful symbiotic relationship was starting to come to life.

Through this experience we began to understand that the knowledge that we receive in life belongs to everyone. It is not bound to any one religion or any one culture, but instead is there to be drawn from freely by all living beings. In this time of globalism, information is flowing in different directions across the world. We all have something to teach and something to learn from one another. From that moment AVA began taking a physical form around us.

It has been a long process to get to this moment, but we are happy to tell you that AVA has now come to life.


Unaware of Guru and what he was building, it was at this time that we started to feel a pull away from our present lives and towards what was taking shape under his guidance. It is quite certain that nature has a plan for us all. Once we let go of fear and begin to dissolve our worries and our ego, beautiful things start to take shape in our lives. A leap of faith towards the unknown is always rewarded by mother nature, she is there to catch us and guide us towards the next phase of this life. Leaving behind much of our past to go to Nepal, we took a step towards uncertainty and were rewarded for our faith. Slowly we each made our trip to the mountains of East Nepal where we found a home in the ashram that Guru Premangee had begun building.    

There, we began to find peace and slowly the questions in our minds began to evaporate. We began an exploration of all living things and the subtle harmony that exists between them, creating order where often things seem chaotic. We learnt about our own true self and found deeper connections to life at a universal level. After each trip to Nepal, we would return home full of light and a positive outlook on the world around us. We would spend our time wandering our own countries sharing this light and all that we had learnt with our friends and families. When visiting a well and returning with fresh pure water, it is only a matter of time before the water runs out and we need to return to the well. All the positive energy that we returned with could be viewed in the same way. After some time, it became apparent that it was time to go and visit the well once more. Each time we would go we would grow a little more and the light that we returned with would last a little longer. Sometimes, we would visit Nepal alone and sometimes we would bring new friends to share with them the source of our positive energy and spiritual growth. 

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