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Sitting alone in silence can have a big effect on ourselves and the environment around us,

but when many people come together with the same vision, our pure thoughts and intentions get multiplied exponentially.


Over the years we have shared this connection with others and on the 7th of April 2020 we began to share it with the world. Through this website and social media,

we have been sharing our daily meditation with all those interested to join. What follows is an archive of the various practices we have shared since then.

We will not give full instructions here on the website because some of the meditations are beneficial only practiced at certain times and other need a deeper explanation.

Instead this list will act as an invitation to join us. Feel free to email us if you would like to get more involved.

Chakra Meditations 2021

21/01/2021: 21 Day Sacral Chakra Meditation

Today we have reached the 21 days practice on the Root chakra.

During this time we have been making a platform, preparing the ground, a good foundation from underground levels to help us grow.
From now on, the practice will get above the ground to the Sacral chakra. It is related with the creative force which is necessary to have life on the Earth for the human being. In fact, for every living creature, this energy is needed: plants, animals and human beings. All of them leave behind their seed to continue with life. A flower will leave a seed for next generation. Animals will reproduce another animal. And human beings also reproduce for the next generation to come.
Creatures without consciousness always live in synchronicity with the Nature. However, human beings have consciousness and control. If they want to grow populations, they can. If they want to limit the population, they also can. But other creatures cannot do this. Nature controls.
The Sacral energy is a secret force and mysterious nature of the human being. It is raw because it can only reproduce offspring of human being. And at the same time, this same energy is pleasant and similar to a small fraction or glimpse of bliss. That is why the whole humanity when it reaches the puberty, starts looking for this pleasure.
When this happens, the humanity lose control about awareness. That is why the philosophies or ideologies always try to keep humanity away from this experience. Similarly to the flies getting stuck into syrup, the human being cannot grow when we get stuck in sensual pleasure. It is a very sensitive point: either you get stuck or you transform it and get the nectar.
Those who want to practice the ritual properly for 21 days, they can experience something beautiful, the Cosmic Romance: blissfulness, lightness, no negative thoughts, everything is colourful and pleasant. We start enjoying everything and with no reason we smile, sing,… This could be the start point of the inner journey.
For 21 days if we can focus on this we can transform our life expanding this energy into bliss and Cosmic Romance.

01/01/2021: 21 Day Root Chakra Meditation

Today we are beginning a new meditation to bring light into the new year and into our lives. This time we will not change the practice according to the lunar cycle but according to the position of the stars and planets, as we move through the chakra system.

If you are interested in joining the meditation group or if you have questions please reach out to us via email to receive detailed meditation instructions.

Past Meditations 2020

26/10/2020: 6 Day Prosperity Meditation

For these six days Prosperity was thought that guided our meditation. During this time, we focused on a picture. What does the picture mean? It is not necessary to know, but this is a picture that helps to bring prosperity into our lives. This meditation exists to grow prosperity mentally, physically and financially within those who are practicing it.

17/10/2020: Navaratri Nine Day Chakra Healing Meditation

This nine-day period of the year is known as Navaratri and it is a time for healing. It is the time to heal ourselves and to give energy to all that is around us to heal also. It is the time for health and that is why focusing on the different chakras, guided by the mantra will be a self-healing process.

19/09/2020: 15 Day New Moon Leap Year Meditation

2020 is a leap year and it has 366 days. During a normal year, each month is dedicated to a Deity according to astrology. In the leap year, what happens in the Hindu astrology is that we have 13 months instead of 12. From now until the next New Moon a special month begins. In this time an awareness awakening process can happen if we adjust certain things related to food, drinking habits, thought habits and by performing certain rituals and meditations. A big transformation can happen in this month equal to 4 years of practice. The instructions are different from one person to another, so the practice is a little different for each person practicing.

03/09/2020: 15 Day Full Moon Meditation for our Ancestors

These are the days of our ancestors. Everybody has ancestors even though you may not have seen them. They are the parents, grandparents, grand grandparents who passed away. These 2 weeks are for those who passed away. We will light one candle on the name of the ancestors who have passed away. Even for those we do not remember or might never have met. This meditation will be for our ancestors who have passed, but also for those who passed away because of the virus or other diseases during this time. In the next three days we will share a mantra that you could listen to while doing the ritual. We are doing the ritual for the peace and harmony of the souls of our ancestors.

09/08/2020: Meditation for Beirut

A few days ago, a misfortune event happened in Beirut, Lebanon of which you will all have heard. Many people lost their family and friends that day, some were seriously injured, others lost their homes and personal belongings. Even today they continue to struggle to return home and regain peace, health and normality. That is why we will partake in a ritual for Lebanon over the next few days. This will help those affected regain health, prosperity and well-being as soon as possible. We can remember the powerful effect that the ritual had in Europe, in a moment everything changed for the better with the help, determination and good wishes of all.

03/08/2020: 15 Day Full Moon Mantra Meditation to let go of fear, misery and suffering

Tonight, is the full moon day. The meditation will now focus on the moon once more. This moon meditation is better to do at night, so we will be practicing at sunset during this period. We will make a prayer and wish for the whole world to let go of fear, misery and suffering by visualizing the moon, the stars, the cosmos and the whole universe. This meditation will begin to set you free and dissolve all your worries and anxieties. Through the mantra a positive energy will be created and will build the connection between the body the moon and the stars. The meaning is not necessary to know, however when pronounced in the proper way, with concentration and faith, it has great benefits.


25/06/2020: 15 Day Meditation to bring beauty and tranquillity into your life

Our Teacher who guides the ritual from Nepal wishes to transmit a couple of things. On the one hand, the change that we have been supporting with our practice has already borne fruit. The energy of the person, the environment and the people around is already changing, it is helping everybody. Also due to the practice you have been doing, many of you are becoming more stable and in balance. So now you can transmit more positive energy and transmit it further around you. That is why this practice that we will carry out now can be considered as a step forward, a more advanced stage. 

21/06/2020: Meditation for The Summer Solstice & New Moon Eclipse

Today is the Summer Solstice, a beautiful day for us all over the world, but for sure a special day for us here in Europe. I think it is quite clear from spiritual sites around our countries that we have always had a deep connection to the Suns energy. Today is the Solstice, but it is also a new moon and a solar eclipse. These three things do not come together to often. The Eclipse will begin at around 5am and should peak sometime around 8am. It will not be visible in Germany, but it will still be having an effect on ourselves and our environment.

05/06/2020: 15 Day Full Moon Meditation

The moon symbolizes tranquillity, clarity, and is the feminine energy that transforms and purifies us. The energy of the moon is easy to assimilate, it is soft and healing. The sun on the other hand is the masculine energy, it is more raw and a little difficult to digest. We cannot stay as long under the sun. Unlike the

moon, the comes from the sun needs to be transformed so that we can receive its benefits. In the image that we visualize, the moon reflects the light that comes from the sun and thus we can assimilate the energy of the sun at the same time as the energy of the moon. The two working together in harmony inside and around all around us.

07/05/2020: 15 Day Meditation and celebration for Lord Buddha’s Birthday

Today is the birthday of Lord Buddha and we are going to recognise that by focusing our practice on him for a few days. Buddha was born on a full moon, so tomorrow evening if you look to the sky you will be created by this lovely full moon. We will share with you a picture of Buddha so that you can visualise him through this new meditation. This practice connecting with the imagery of Lord Buddha helps to bring to life the Buddha that is inside us all. Buddha is not a particular person, but instead is a state of mind, symbolising awakening. Through this meditation we will not only bring ourselves closer to a profound awakening, but also, we will bring this practice to humanity as a whole. This is a genuinely nice opportunity to heal the planet and in turn to heal ourselves.

23/04/2020: 15 Day New Moon Mantra Guided Meditation

Around the time of the new moon the tide goes out from the shore and reminds us that it is a good time to let go of anything in our lives that is no longer helping us. This mantra and meditation will help in this process. It is also nice to eat something salty on the evening of the new moon, this will help to calm the mind and help us to receive all the benefits from this time without being overwhelmed.

17/04/2020: Meditation to visualise Germany and its people positively to bring light into life

We can have a profound effect on the world through positive visualisation. By creating a mental image of the map of Germany, we can start to create love and harmony in the world outside our mind also. We can visualise Germany, zooming in on specific parts that bring us joy. Imagining a country full of bliss where people are happy and carefree. Imagining a beautiful awakening for all people. People who are physically healthy, psychologically healthy and a country that is socially connected without conflict, together as one big family.

12/04/2020: Mantra Guided Meditation for Easter Sunday

Guru extends his best wishes to us on this day and shared the following message. Now that we are staying in our own homes, without easter celebrations with gatherings and food, we can understand something, and we can come to the point of what we should realize. We can follow in Jesus’ footsteps and be an inspiration to all, by having unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness for all.

We can be like Jesus, and be the son of God, if we are able to take it symbolically. Jesus said that he can show us heaven, and if we follow the path of compassion and awareness, like Jesus, we will all be capable to achieve peace and harmony in our lives, and to experience heavenly bliss on earth itself. It is not about being religious, it is about being human, how to be a conscious human being.

09/04/2020: 9 Day Durga Mantra Guided Meditation for our people and planet

The world is in quite a new and unpredictable situation at the moment. This is definitely a good time to spread some contagious positivity, and that is what we plan to do together. Under the Guidance of Guru Premangee we will start a meditation tomorrow morning that will begin to extinguish much of the negative energy being created in the world and replace it with something much brighter and something that can have a healing effect on the people of Germany, as well as the land itself. In time it will affect those people and places even further afield. Through the darkness, something exceptionally beautiful is about to take shape.

08/04/2020: Mantra Guided Water Element Meditation

The focus of this meditation will be on water. Just like our planet we are made up of mostly water. In purifying and crystallising the water within and around us we can begin a healing process that will extend to others. The water in us and in every part of this universe shares a connection. It has been proven that water can react to positive thoughts and words and that polluted water can be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. In fact, when we take time to observe water flowing down a stream it can often look muddied. This is not the case. The water itself is pure and clean, it is only what it has picked up along the way that gives this illusion. Through the practice we are about to take part in, we will begin to remove any negativity from the water within and around us.


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