AVA at a buddhist monastery in Thailand


The world is in quite a new and unpredictable place at the moment.

This is definitely a good time to spread some contagious positivity, and that is what we plan to do together.

Under the Guidance of Guru Premangee we started a meditation that began in early April. We have continued this practice daily since then

and it has begun to extinguish much of the negative energy being created in the world and to replace it

with something much brighter and something that can have a healing effect on the people of Germany as well as the land itself.


The meditation takes place at 7am each morning. The focus of the meditation changes regularly, but is consistently connected in some way to the element of water. Just like our planet we are made up of mostly water. In purifying and crystallising the water within and around us we can begin a healing process that will extend to others. The water in us and in every part of this universe shares a connection. It has been proven that water can react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water can be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. In fact when we take time to observe water flowing down a stream it can often look muddied. This is not the case. The water itself is pure and clean, it is only what it has picked up along the way that gives this illusion.

Through the practice we are taking part in, we will begin to remove any negativity from the water within and around us.

 Sitting alone in silence with pure thoughts can have a big effect on ourselves and the environment around us, but when many people come together with the same vision, this gets multiplied exponentially.

This practice will continue daily as long as it is necessary and you are all invited to take part and add to it as much as you can.

Through the darkness, something very beautiful is starting to take shape.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to be part of this meditation and we will be able to share the practice with you as it grows and develops.


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