Creativity lives inside us all; it is a gift from mother nature. Creation in its purest form was what brought us and everything around us to be and that same energy is within us now. We can explore it in our minds, bodies and hearts, and manifest it in the material world in all sorts of beautiful ways. The idea of not being creative is an illusion, for sure we are all creative beings. It might be the case that we have not yet seen its true potential, but without doubt it is there with us always just waiting to come to life.

AVA not only provides an open and safe space for people to come together and be creative, but it also focuses a lot of attention on helping people connect to their creative self in new and exciting ways. Once you start to develop an intimate relationship with your creativity, all sorts of fantastic possibilities start to appear. Everything begins with creation, and when it comes to life it has the potential to bring you closer to appear. Everything begins with creation, and when it comes to life it has the potential to bring you closer

to yourself and to the creative world around you. After connecting to and observing the world in this way, you will find yourself being creative, whether you are putting paint on a canvas or even carrying out a seemingly mundane task such as brushing your teeth.

Creation is light. Plants exist to transform light into life and we as human beings exist to transform life into love. Light, life and love are part of the same, they are each an expression of the same universal creativity. Because of this, there is always beauty to be found in nature, there are no mistakes. Take a look at waves crashing against the shore, or clouds gently moving through the sky. These things can look random, but somehow they are also existing in some sort of perfect creative harmony. Connecting to nature and this universal creativity will allow us all to create beauty in everything that we do, just like mother nature has taught us. Let's create, share and grow together, bringing more colour to our present and opening up endless possibilities for the future.



allows us to create beauty in everything we do.



inside us all.

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