The world is constantly in motion, and so too are we. Sometimes, that movement occurs in our bodies as we dance, play or move through a Yoga sequence. Sometimes, that movement happens on the inside as our minds wander to the past and to the future, looking for things to overthink and worry about. In the present, the mind is always calm, without judgement or worry. The present is the true reality and the place where our mind and body feels most at home.

We believe very strongly in the power of movement and the positive effect it can have on us. Through movement we can gain a deeper connection to our body and slowly bring the focus away from our busy minds. This loving connection to our body that move-

ment brings opens up our hearts in new ways, allowing emotional blockages to come undone and creativity to flow freely from our higher selves out into the world.

After a while, a conscious approach to movement will have the opposite effect on the mind and lead to stillness. Stillness can be found by sitting calmly without thought, but it can also be found through conscious movement. Moving consciously, we can observe ourselves and truly listen to the divine inspiration within. We can begin to act in our best interest in place of simply reacting.

As we move our mind starts to become calm, we connect with our creative energy and we become present for every moment of life.



in movement and the positive effect it can have on us.


in motion, and so too are we.

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