Sound is the most common and appealing form of energy experienced on all physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Most of us have been enchanted by beautiful music, but music is just one aspect of sound which is pleasing to our ears. Sound is much more than what our ears can perceive and what our hearts can feel. In fact, sound is the core and the origin of our very being and existence. At the beginning of time there was a sound, some people describe it as a bang. Throughout the world people have given it different names, OM, Amen, Ameen. This primordial energy put into motion everything that now exists and that will exist in time. Like the seed of a plant already contains 

a tree, full of flowers and fruit, this cosmic sound all contains all the answers to our past, present and future. Through a deeper connection to sound we can begin to understand ourselves and we can start to see the natural world in all its light and wonder.

At the beginning of each day birds can be heard singing in perfect harmony.The wind makes sound as it moves through the trees and the more subtle and mystical sounds can be heard inside us and all around us. Each day brings new sounds and new opportunities into our lives. Sit quietly even in the busiest of places and you can tune in to your inner song and nature singing with it, all part of one divine orchestra.


to sound we can start to see the world in all its light and wonder.


and the origin of our very being and existence.

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