When we sit still and observe the mind we often find it is in a state of movement.

It is difficult to tame and doesn’t enjoy this silence. Often, our mind takes the role of a leader and somehow it is not very good at this job. It gets confused by desire and illusion and it leads us in the wrong direction, making foolish decisions along the way. The mind is however a very good disciple once we take on the role of its master. Once we train it to follow our lead it becomes calm and patient. A beautiful bond is formed and everything becomes possible. You see, in a state of rest the mind becomes very clear. Clarity in the mind creates clarity in our perception of reality and all of a sudden the whole world starts to make sense. Think of a pond. If you throw a stone into the water, the water will become 

agitated. It will begin to ripple and vibrate, creating all sorts of abstract patterns along its way.When you look into the water, you will be greeted by a distorted version of yourself moving with the water into strange and curious shapes. Wait patiently however and after some time the water will begin to rest and you will see yourself on its surface clear as day. Just like the natural resting place of water is one of calmness and clarity, our mind also returns to calmness once it has an opportunity to rest. Once we remove all distractions and sit still with ourselves, slowly our thoughts become pure. In the same way that water produces a clear image of ourselves once it is at ease, the calm mind will produce a clear image of our reality. With this clarity we can connect to the divine message deep within us and bring life to our creative energy.


is something that is very dear to us at AVA and is something that we practice daily.



the mind becomes very clear.

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