The entire world is one big family, but it will take time for everyone to realise that.

Through AVA we will start to connect these family ties little by little, person by person. We aim to create a community within AVA where everyone feels connected in some way. We are always there for each other and we share in the good times and the bad times together, exploring life and its full spectrum of creative wonders. The word positivity has come up many times, but we are happy to share in the more negative ones along the way too, as we collectively move towards a brighter future.

It is not just the creation of a universal family that we are working towards, but also the strengthening of familial relationships throughout Germany and the  

wider world. We wish to connect generations and show people new ways to love their parents, their children and their grandparents. To reignite lost connections and to create a loving and harmonious home for everyone. Evolution begins within the individual, extends to the family and then begins to emanate and create change in your environment. It begins to create change throughout your country before spreading to the wider world and reaching all living beings. When born, you develop a relationship with your mother, as you grow up you connect to your mother land and finally you begin to see the beauty in all of mother nature. This process will bring you to a state of peace and a place where you are capable of really making a change in society and in nature.



where everyone feels

connected in some way.


generations and show people

new ways to love.

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