AVA came to be, not because of any one person, or any one idea, but instead it is here because of many people, many ideas, and much inspiration from nature. In a sense, the creation of AVA was itself a holistic process. All the different parts of our organization are intimately connected and it exists only because of these connections.

AVA is an exploration of all living things and the subtle harmony that exists between them, a beautiful dance between chaos and order. We study life at an individual level and connect it to life at a universal level. We recognise that our spiritual roots are in nature and that in order to understand ourselves we must take a look at the whole universe, trusting in the elements and the natural laws that govern it. With unconditional love and a connection to the earth,

transformation can begin to take place and a true understanding of the higher self can begin to manifest.

With this holistic approach to all that we do we can create a calm mind and a body that is completely in balance. When our body and mind are working together in harmony, life becomes pure joy. Energies can flow freely and very few problems will persist within. Having a more conscious relationship with ourselves, when the body does need help we will be aware of the reasons and we will be able to connect with our self healing capacity. Already within us is all the information we could ever need. Just like within a seed already exists a tree and within a tree exists a forest. Unconditional love comes about once we understand this and see that we are both alive and related to all life in all its glory.



is all the information

we could ever need.



are working together in harmony,

life becomes pure joy.

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