AVA is a non profit organization that welcomes every-one to join us on our exploration of life and love.

When we began AVA, we planted a seed with the intention to help all life on earth and to connect with those who are also seeking change. By welcoming all individuals we aim to bridge the gap between cultures, beliefs, races, generations and families. This change must come first from within. We wish to help individuals gain a deeper connection to themselves and to give them the independence and confidence to continue on their journey with a contagious positivity that will spread to those around them and ultimately have a profound impact on the world.

AVA is welcoming to mother nature and all her gifts. As well as opening our hearts and minds to the individual, we also created AVA to reignite the connection to the natural world around us and to its natural cycle. We look for guidance from nature and learn from its teachings on how to live compassionately and to love unconditionally.We look for guidance from nature, but we also wish to give back to nature as much as we can, after all, we are as much part of nature as the trees that blow in the wind

and the birds that sing to us in the mornings. With this in mind, we approach everything we do at AVA with a focus on sustainability and work to nourish our environment as we move with it. In nature exists our spiritual roots and from the heart we look to humbly connect with them once more and to live a life rooted in trust in the natural elements.

AVA is welcoming to the entire world. At its core, AVA is a school of life. All cultures and all people have both something to learn and something to teach. For generations, cultures have developed apart. Through globalisation, a beautiful opportunity has emerged to share all that has been learnt. As a people, we have spent too long looking for differences, now is the time to begin acknowledging what unites us. We plan to take inspiration from all corners of the world, interacting with philosophies from the east and west and from the north and south. We will explore a diverse number of teachings and look to find common ground between them. AVA exists in a perpetual state of growth and learning. We add to it from our own experiences in life and welcome all those who spend time with us to add to it with their own beliefs and with all that life has taught them.



organization that welcomes everyone

to join us on our exploration

of life and love.



- to mother nature and all her gifts.

- to the entire world.

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